Are you taking on too much and getting in a jam? 🍓

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Remember, “no” is a full sentence and you are allowed (and encouraged!) to set boundaries. Boundaries on time make sure you are giving enough attention to each part of your life, including work, relationships, and hobbies – this might look like turning down plans with friends for a night in by yourself. You can also set boundaries on how you spend your energy, like telling someone you don’t have the capacity to listen to them vent at the moment.

Enforcing your boundaries won’t always make people happy, but setting boundaries is for you, not anyone else. You have the right to set boundaries that work for you, and if someone else can’t operate within those, that is their responsibility. Even after you set a boundary, people may forget or think it isn’t still in place after time has passed. It’s okay to politely (but firmly) remind them that the boundary still exists. You got this