Don’t apologize for

Your feelings are yours, and they are valid. No one has the right to tell you what you should or should not be feeling (not even yourself). In mindfulness practice, one of the first lessons learned is the art of acknowledging and noticing your feelings without judgment. For instance, instead of getting upset with yourself […]

It’s ok to end unwanted conversation to protect you mental health.

Many families have that one toxic member (or maybe there are a few of them) who can turn a seemingly fine conversation into a family feud – especially during the holiday season. There is no shame in removing yourself from the situation—leave the room or step outside until cooler heads prevail. If your dread is […]

Traits of toxic people

Certain people and situations in life can trigger us to feel bad about ourselves or engage in destructive behaviors. Identifying the toxic influences in our lives and taking steps to create boundaries or a new life without them can improve mental and physical health over time.

One day at a times

By creating routines, we organize our days in such a way that taking care of tasks and ourselves becomes a pattern that makes it easier to get things done without having to think hard about them. Start small — Changing up your day-to-day routine all at once probably won’t end up with lasting results. Pick […]