Even people who have gone through the same thing can react in different ways.Any type of trauma can have long-lasting effects on your mental health. It can cause conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. These conditions are treatable, and you’re not alone.

Take a 2-minute Self

Sometimes it helps to simply take a deep breath, slow down, and ask yourself what it is that you appreciate about yourself. These things do not have to be big, but they should reflect what it is that you like about yourself at that moment. Thinking of a few things that you appreciate about yourself […]

Pause before Reacting

In challenging times, you may find that you have little patience with other people or get upset over minor things. Anger and frustration are complicated emotions that often stem from other feelings, like disappointment, fear, and stress. Taking some extra steps to decrease your overall tension can prevent your feelings (and the reactions that they [...]